About IAVP

After independence in 1947, the foresightedness and the scientific approach of our genius leaders led to establishment of the scientific council and several laboratories of international stature. Further, considering the agricultural based economy of our country, emphasis was largely laid on the necessity of extending agricultural education and establishment of agricultural university to give boost to the agricultural development programme. The thrust provided by the agriculture education soon resulted into green revolution in the 7th decades of 20th century, Almost simultaneously the scientist in the field of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry faced challenge on the front of increasing demands for livestock and poultry production. Consequently; the isolated forces in the different disciplines of veterinary science boarded a common platform to strengthen the livestock development programme. It was at this juncture in March, 1974, when the Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists, (IAVP) was established under the presidentship of Dr. S. Darmodaran, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology, Veterinary College, Madras, during a scientific get together of Veterinary Pathologists at the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar. The association soon framed its constitution and extended the drive for membership amongst Veterinary Pathologists from different Veterinary and Animal Husbandry institutions and other laboratories. The assembly of pathologists in the form of annual conventions and symposia on the current problems in Veterinary Science was first held at Veterinary College, Bangalore in 1983 but became an annual feature only after 1986.

The main objectives of the association are advancement and dissemination of knowledge of pathology. However, to achieve them with distinction, emphasis is largely laid upon

  1. To consolidate professional ethics and encourage brotherhood among the professionals for consequent attainment of excellence.
  2. To consolidate and highlight the efforts of Veterinary Pathologists for the purpose to lay down priorities on the current disease problems in animals and poultry and to suggest means to combat.
  3. Attainment and dissemination of knowledge and to encourage young pathologists for establishing their professional skills more vividly.
  4. To organize annual conventions and symposia for encouraging the academic pursuits of pathologists by arranging presentation of research papers and invited lectures from pathologists and other scientists of eminence. The recommendations of the annual conventions and the symposia are to be communicated to the livestock and poultry farmers for their interests and to state Government, ICAR, DST and other Govt. bodies to helpthem chalk out development programmes at the National Level.
  5. To encourage the members for their research aptitude and academic pursuit, the Association also publishes a journal " Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology".

Presidents of IAVP

Dr S. Damodaran
2 Dr B.S. Rajya
3 Dr Balwant Singh
4 Dr B.S. Rajya
5 Dr M.K. Nair
6 Dr G.C. Mohanty
Dr J.L. Vegad
Dr R.N.S. Gowda
Dr Lal Krishna
Dr B. Murali Manohar

Dr R. Somvanshi

2013- 2019


Dr B.N. Tripathi

2020- Till Date

Secretary Generals of IAVP

1 Dr P.K.R. Iyer
2 Dr G.C. Mohanty 1980-1982
3 Dr S.J. Seshadri 1983-1987
4 Dr A. Rajan 1987-1993
5 Dr R.N.S. Gowda 1994-2003
6 Dr V.K. Gupta 2004-2008
7 Dr T.V. Anilkumar 2008-2011
8 Dr C. Balachandarn 2012
9 Dr B.N.  Tripathi 2013-2016
10 Dr  K.P. Singh 2017-2022
11 Dr G.A. Balasubramaniam 2023-Till Date

Treasurers of IAVP

1 Dr S.C. Gupta 1976-1979  
2 Dr R.L. Sah 1980-1988  
3 Dr N.S. Parihar 1989-1997
4 Dr A.K. Sharma 1997-2005
5 Dr K.P. Singh 2006-2007
Dr Rajendra Singh
Dr Palanivelu M.
2020 -2021
Dr Pawan Kumar
2021 -Till Date

Web Managers of IAVP

1 Dr T.V. Anilkumar 2004-2008
2 Dr Amarjit Singh 2008-2016
Dr N.V. Kurkure

Dr R. Somvanshi
2020 - Till Date