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The Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists (IAVP) offers the Life Time Membership in two modes:-

  • Off-Line Mode (Download the Form from given link and send back the dully filled form.)
    Click here to Download the Off-Line Form.
  • On-Line Mode (Please carefully fill all the Entry in the form provided below.)
  • To View the List of All Life Members, Please Click Here .

Life-Time Membership - On-Line Form

1 Name of the applicant
2 Designation (if any)
3 Contact details:-  

Postal address for communication:

  Phone (Residence)
  Phone (Office)
  Upload Photo
4 Date of birth
5 Father / Husband Name
6 Payment details INR 3,000.00
7 I am a registered veterinary practitioner and I have completed postgraduate degree/diploma in Veterinary Pathology.  Copy of the VCI-registration certificate and the postgraduate degree/diploma certificate are attached.
8 Upload Certificate
9 I am a registered veterinary practitioner (Copy attached) and I have enrolled for a course of study leading to a post graduate degree/diploma in Veterinary Pathology.  This application for membership is being forwarded through my supervisor and I understand that I will be eligible for the privileges a life member like voting and contesting elections to the Executive Committee only after submitting certificate of award of postgraduate degree/diploma in veterinary pathology to the Treasurer.
10 Upload Certificate
11 Recommendation By:-  
  Life Member Name
  Life Membership Number
  State/ Zone
12 Terms and Conditions:-
Note: Communications and journals from the association shall be sent to the above address in row 3, for a period of five years or to the latest valid address available with the Treasurer at the Headquarters and continued communication is ensured by renewing the addresses once in five years.